"the badge company"
flat vinyl labels samples.
Sizes up to 600 sq. mms [includes round up to 27mm dia]
High quality self-adhesive flat vinyl labels & signs.
We manufacture custom design flat vinyl labels and signs in all
shapes and sizes, simply send us your artwork or advise text
layout. Print media is a premium grade 150 micron white
monomeric film with these unique features -
-high coat weight adhesive so labels even stick to difficult surfaces.
-film resists tearing or stretching when mounting.
-extra thickness ensures easy application (no air bubbles).
To order online, the first thing you need is the size of the label in square millimetres (or size of sign in cm's for larger sizes). For rectangle shaped
labels and signs this is simply the width multiplied by the height
e.g 75mm wide x 25mm high = 1,875 sq. mm's.
For custom shaped and oval labels and signs, simply multiply the longest
point in width by the longest point in height.
For round labels and signs it is pi multiplied by the radius squared - this
useful online tool here will help with your calculations.
Once you know the area size of your label or sign, click the correct size
band from the list below to view prices and to order online.
Sizes   71 - 100 sq. cms
Sizes 101 - 150 sq. cms
Sizes 151 - 200 sq. cms
Sizes 201 - 250 sq. cms
Sizes 251 - 300 sq. cms
Sizes 301 - 350 sq. cms
Sizes 351 - 400 sq. cms
Vinyl signs - larger sizes (in cm's)
Vinyl labels - smaller sizes (in mm's)
Sizes 601-1000 sq. mms [includes round 28mm to 35mm dia]
Sizes 1001-1600 sq. mms [includes round 36mm to 45mm dia]
Sizes 1601-2400 sq. mms [includes round 46mm to 56mm dia]
Sizes 2401-3200 sq. mms [includes round 57mm to 63mm dia]
Sizes 3201-3999 sq. mms [includes round 64mm to 67mm dia]
Sizes 40 - 70 sq. cms

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